Redefining Data Collection and Deployment with eForms

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, the efficient collection of essential information is key to success. Vizibit’s eForms, a comprehensive suite of modules, is designed to revolutionize the creation, deployment, and collection of electronic web forms for organizations.

At the heart of eForms lies its ability to empower organizations to effortlessly develop and publish interactive web forms. These forms seamlessly gather crucial information from both internal and external users, enhancing data collection processes significantly.

eForms include several key modules, each serving a specific function within the data collection ecosystem. The Builder Module, tailored for internal personnel, allows for the efficient creation of electronic forms within organizations. Simultaneously, the Publisher Module enables internal business owners to approve and publish these forms created through the Builder Module.

Externally, the My Forms Module act as the primary interface for customers or partners to interact with the electronic forms developed and published using the eForms suite. Meanwhile, the Reporter Module plays a vital role in facilitating analysis, reporting, and extracting insights from the data collected through these electronic forms.

The suite’s capabilities extend beyond mere data collection; it aims to enhance efficiency within organizations and provide valuable insights derived from user-submitted data.

eForms represent a significant progress in streamlining data collection processes, improving efficiency, and providing invaluable insights for businesses. As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, eForms stand as a foundation for simplifying and optimizing data collection methods.

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