Finally, a better way to handle documents!


100% digital office

SIGNATOR is our trademark signature
platform for central approval and digital
signing of documents.

A digital signature is a prerequisite for a digitally
transformed business.
Use it for all documents that need legal validity
such as electronic invoices, contracts,
agreements, HR documents, purchase orders,
travel invoices and more.

Why is SIGNATOR the first choice for digital signature?

  • easy to use
  • improves productivity
  • the best customer experience
  • available on computer or mobile
  • enables batch signing

Benefits for you

EFFICIENT - Approve and exchange legally binding documents in minutes! Get job done faster and smarter, not harder!

ECONOMIC - Save a lot by reducing amount of paper, lower toner usage, post office and labor costs.

SECURE - Signator comes with highest degree of security and legal validity defined by EU eIDAS and ZertES.

How to sign documents with Signator?

Eliminate printers, scanners, and post office costs from your business. By implementing the SIGNATOR, you will simplify and significantly improve your business.

In case you already have a
document management system,
simply integrate it in SIGNATOR
and INSTANTLY modernize your business.

Available integrations

For additional flexibility in integration of your existing software, Signator can be expanded with the following:

ikone developer-01

sign API

It is designed for companies that can unify approval and signing into one solution by integrating internal applications with centralized Signator application.

ikone developer-02

sign SDK

It empowers developers to seamlessly integrate digital signature capabilities into their internal web applications. This integration ensures that users never have to leave the application to sign documents, keeping everything conveniently within the right sidebar.

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