Introducing Seamless Document Scanning and Processing

Are you drowning in a sea of paper documents while trying to keep up with your digital workflow?
Discover the seamless solution to transform your paper documents into structured digital files that can be used as input to your existing systems!

Say goodbye to paper documents and manual transcription.

When to use it?

The ScanFlows application empowers you to efficiently convert paper documents into a digital format. Leverage its robust scanning capabilities to capture a high volume of documents with ease.  

How does it work?


User starts the scanning process by choosing the scanning device and the template if data extraction is needed.


If the user defines a template for data extraction the document is processed by AI.


Extracted data by OCR and AI needs to be validated and controled by a person. ​


The scanned document is enriched with metadata and scanned image and the structured document created is submitted to the defined backend system.​

What are the benefits ?

Experience the transformative power of ScanFlows, our automated document management solution.

Save time to transcript data from scanned documents.

Harness the efficiency of AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to significantly improve data extraction accuracy from scanned documents. 

Eliminate manual data entry and streamline your backend workflows by utilizing structured data in JSON/XML formats.

Save money by automating the process.

Increase efficiency, reduce errors, and unleash the full potential of your digital transformation efforts with ScanFlows!

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