Add-in for Microsoft Sharepoint

Effortless signing withing your favorite DMS!

Are you looking for a seamless and secure way to digitally sign your documents directly from within Microsoft SharePoint? 

Vizibit proudly presents our cutting-edge add-in, designed to simplify the document signing process and enhance your workflow.
This add-in enables smooth and efficient SES, AES and QES signing experience inside SharePoint environment. Document never leaves your digital environment.

Why choose our Sharepoint Add-in?

Streamlined Document Signing: Our add-in seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, eliminating the need for external signing applications. Say goodbye to time-consuming back-and-forths and experience the convenience of signing documents directly from your SharePoint platform.

Quick and easy setup: With just a few clicks you can easily and quickly add Sharepoint Add-in to your entire Sharepoint instance or if needed it can be deployed per document library.

All deployments covered: Whether you need an on-premise solution or you are oriented towards Microsoft 365 we have you covered. Sharepoint Add-in is available in both types of deployment depending on your needs.

Signature types unified: If you need simple, advanced or qualified signatures our Sharepoint add-in directly out of the box gets you all signature types and on top of that you are covered even with the eSeals. We support both eIDAS and ZertES signing standards.

User-Friendly Interface: Our add-in is designed with simplicity in mind. Enjoy a user-friendly interface tightly integrated with Sharepoint that requires minimal training, allowing you and your team to get up and running in no time.

Financial transparency: Set up your subscription license which is the same regardless of the deployment type and the number of users. Pay as you go based on the number of signatures used.

Watch how it works

To get a closer look at our Sharepoint Add-in and see just how effortlessly it integrates with your Sharepoint system and documents, check out our demo video.

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Embrace the future of digital signatures today!

For any inquiries or to request a demo, contact our team at [email protected].
We look forward to revolutionizing the way you sign documents!