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Best add-on for Google workspace

What is it?

eSign-LITE is an add-in for productivity tools that allows single user or multi-user document signing.

It can be enabled for an entire company by an administrator, and also integrated into other applications like HR, Procurement, DMS, ERP via plugins.

It is easy to install and use, and eliminates the need for converting documents to PDF or logging into separate applications.

Where can I use it?











Ease of Use

Designed to be seamlessly integrated into the tools and applications that work with documents. Convenient.
Right where you want it!


Exchange and approval of legally binding documents in minutes.
Get job done faster and smarter, not harder!

One Context

It simplifies the digital signing process by incorporating identification, signing and authentication in one complete package.

How to install the add-in?

In this video tutorial you can find out how to install the ADD-ON for your Google account. Press “Play” and let’s get started.

Setting up your signature

Not sure how to set up your signature? No problem! Follow the instructions from our video tutorial and start your digital signing journey!

Using the add-in is easy and simple

Signing the document with eSign-LITE is simple and it can be done in minutes.

Once you have chosen the document you want to sign just make sure to:

1. define the type of signature,
2. select provider,
3. select legal weight and insert your phone number.

For more detailed explanation take a look at our video tutorial!

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